Information for Applicants
The Vermont Psychoanalytic Study Group is pleased to announce the enrollment of its first class of candidates in its Training Program in Psychoanalysis. This class began training in a four-year program on January 2012. This program will qualify graduates for IPA membership. IPA membership provides portability of credentials as a psychoanalyst with IPA Societies and Institutes around the globe. The IPA was founded 100 years ago by Sigmund Freud and is the world’s primary accrediting body for psychoanalysis.

The Vermont training program has three distinct components: four years of seminars, three supervised cases in psychoanalysis and a personal analysis with an IPA approved Training Analyst. Training is designed to be intensive and comprehensive with an emphasis on learning how to work with the unconscious. We believe that such learning is based in knowledge of the development of ideas in our field as well as one’s own emotional and intellectual growth. Creative thinking and a willingness to question oneself will be emphasized. The program will cover a variety of psychoanalytic perspectives, of international scope, including but not limited to: Classical Freudian, Kleinian, Object-Relations, Ego Psychology, Self Psychology, Relational, Intersubjective, French, Lacanian and Latin American.

Applicants should typically possess either a graduate degree in a mental health field or a medical degree. Applicants must be licensed to practice independently in the mental health field. Applicants to the program must be in psychoanalysis at the time of submitting an application or seek a waiver from the VPSG Board. The training analysis, at a minimum frequency of four times per week, should commence with admission to the program. Class size will be limited.

While a new class will not be admitted this year, there is considerable preparation and study that can be done in advance of the formal training. We would be pleased to discuss that with any interested colleagues.