Candidates are required to complete four years of seminars as described below. Seminars meet weekly from January to June and from September-thorough-December every Wednesday night from 7 pm until 9 pm, with the exception of some holiday weeks, for a total of forty weeks per year. Clinical case seminars will meet from 7-9:30 pm 4 to 6 times per semester for years 2 though 4. Changes to this schedule may be made by the Training Committee to accommodate programmatic needs. In addition, there will be three Saturday seminars per year lasting four and a half hours each. Our program meets the IPA standards required for graduation and IPA membership.

Our seminars are designed to discuss the assigned readings from both an intellectual and affective point of view in order to assist candidates in developing an awareness of their explicit and implicit analytic theories and technique as they relate to both process and outcome of treatment and to the development of the analysts’ identity.