Advantages of Training with VPSG
The VPSG is a psychoanalytic training program that qualifies its graduates for membership in the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA).

Candidates training at the VPSG may also join the International Psychoanalytical Studies Organization (IPSO), a dynamic international organization for candidates that provides many benefits, including exchange programs with other institutes around the world, and participation in IPA and IPSO congresses.

Graduation from the VPSG Training Program in Psychoanalysis and membership in the IPA provide portability: one's credentials as a psychoanalyst are recognized by IPA Institutes and Societies world-wide, and membership is easily transferred. In addition, membership provides access to a wide range of scientific and clinical seminars and conferences-locally, nationally, and internationally. For those who qualify, the IPA offers interest-free loans to assist with the cost of training. Information regarding loans can be found at: